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Irea necklace
Irea necklace
14k yellow gold 24” paperclip chain
Coin & Pearl Leather Necklace/Bracelet
Larimar Tourmaline Necklace/Bracelet
Mixed gold necklace with charms
14k yellow gold puka shell necklace
puka shell leather bead necklace
14k rose gold 16” solid  paperclip chain
14k rose gold 18” solid  paperclip chain
Mother of Pearl Crochet 18k Gold Necklace
Knotted Labradorite Necklace
Sky Blue Necklace with 10K Yellow Peace Charm
14k Gold Chain with Black Opal & Diamonds Disk
Tormaline Chain with Pink Peruvian Opal
Pink Sunstone Chain with Rose Quartz Drop Charm
Multi-bead Necklace with Vintage Glass Beads
Sterling Silver Chain with Rose Quartz, Pink Opal and Delica Beads
10k Gold Chain with Aquamarine Pendant
Pictured: Layered with another Carma & Co hand made necklace
Sterling Chain with Opal charm & 10k Diamonds
Black Opal Necklace with Drop Charm
Oxidized Silver Chain with Black Diamonds and 10k Gold Rings
Leather & Silver Necklace with Vintage Beads
Leather necklace with Tourmaline Pendant
66 results